“The Naturalist in us all is ready to emerge and explore the wonders of our environment. We already have everything we need to connect with nature right now.!”

Perry “Happy” Balian


Naturalist is a student of the world around us. An adventurer who observes and studies plants, animals, insects, rocks, and fossils. Open the front door, let a child outside and they will instantly do exactly that!


Naturalists seek to observe the interconnected relationships between plants, birds, trees & ecology so we can understand the past, present & future of our local and global environments.

Naturalist now


The Naturalist in each of us is always ready to emerge and discover the wonders of our world!  In today’s gadget-obsessed world, nature education and outdoor activities are more important than ever!

Nature of podcasting


The Glory of Green podcast is a series of outdoor learning adventures that explore the world around us.

learning adventures


Naturalist Now endeavors to incorporate the NEA’s “Four Cs”: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity in all of our learning adventures.


Learning by doing

From work in my garden class, one of the most rewarding moments can be when a young naturalist who started with a powerful aversion to earthworms finally musters the courage to pick one up to and slowly a giant smile spreads across their face and before you know it I’ve lost them to a worm discovery hunt under pretty much everything in the garden they can pick up and look under!  It’s a great example of personal growth, character-building and an important connection between an individual and nature that moments before didn’t exist.


Asking the right Questions

Learning should be fun…

“Learning should be fun, if you’re not having fun and challenging yourself, you’re just not doing it right!”

Perry “Happy” Balian

Have questions?  Let’er rip! 

You already have everything you need to start, so just walk outside.
Happy And George at Malibu Tide Pools
Perry "Happy" Balian
Executive Director, Seeds To Plate